Ophthalmology Futures European Forum

3 Settembre 2015 | Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcellona

Now in its third year, Ophthalmology Futures Forums attract delegates, faculty and presenters from around the globe and from a wide spectrum of clinical and business specialities.
Our clinician-driven Forums offer a combination of panels, company presentations and networking breaks to provide a unique platform that facilitates discussion between all stakeholders concerned with improving ocular health, and presents an exclusive environment for business conversation.

The Ophthalmology Futures Forums were established in 2012 to fill a void with regard to industry- investor meetings specific for ophthalmology in Europe and Asia. The Forums focus on all aspects of global innovation in ophthalmology by connecting scientists, physicians, regulators, corporate leaders, venture capitalists and other investors who support the advancement of eye care.

Argomenti European Forum

1. Ophthalmic Market Overview and Outlook
2. Ophthalmic Imaging Expertise and Cataract Surgical Innovation – Essential, Desirable or Redundant?
3. Company Presenations: Anterior Segment
4. Anti VEGF Therapy: Will Injections Prevail Over Gene Therapy and Other Approaches?
5. Company Presentations: Posterior Segment
6. Novel Drug Delivery For Anterior and Posterior Segment Eye Diseases.
7. Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery: Addressing a True Unmet Need or Recapturing Lost Cataract Surgical Fees?
8. Global Corporate Compliance for Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals and Devices: Best Practices and Grey Areas
9. The Ophthalmologist’s Dilemma in Working with Startups: Is it Better to Take Stock or Consulting Fees?
10. Regulatory Standards for Premium IOLs
11. Is IOL Technology Retarding the Adoption of Femtosecond Cataract Surgery?
12. Refractive Surgery: Laser or Lens Exchange for Myopia and Astigmatism?
13. The Pros and Cons of Leaving a Comfortable Big Company Job to Join a Start Up
14. Buyers and Sellers: A View From the Top
15. Shark Tank

Application to present deadline: 31 Maggio 2015

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