Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre trusts jun-air compressors to provide high quality eye care

GG_115_Kilimanjaro Medical Centre

Opened in March 1971 by the Good Samaritan Foundation, the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) located near Mount Kilimanjaro is a referral hospital for over 11 million people in Northern Tanzania. The KCMC’s ophthalmology department, run by Dr William Makupa, has been operational since the centre was opened and is available to provide high-quality eye care to over 8 million people in Tanzanian.

As Dr William Makupa explains: “The use of JUN-AIR air compressors plays a vital role in helping to prevent blindness, by supporting the cataract surgery and routine phacoemulsification eye care services offered at KCMC. JUN-AIR compressors are the only ones the centre has purchased in the past fifteen years and the brand is continually favored thanks to its long, reliable service life, anti-corrosion qualities, ease of operation and low noise output.”

Three JUN-AIR compressors were recently purchased to replace existing ageing compressors – two JUN-AIR 6-25 models and a JUN-AIR 12-40 oil-lubricated compressor – used in KCMC’s vitrectomy and phacoemulsification machines. Compressed air from the JUN-AIR compressors is used during numerous optical procedures, from maintaining the shape of the eye during retina surgery to driving pneumatic vitrectomy devices by creating air pressure to either push fluids into to the eye or suck fluids out.

Commenting for Gast Group, European sales director Andre Goodson says: “This is another great example of a partnership between manufacturer, distributor and end user; and our thanks also go to South Africa-based Finch Air for their support. The relationship with KCMC is a great example of the diverse range of applications suited to our compressors and we are pleased that JUN-AIR is part of the successful ophthalmic process at the centre.”

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