The Editorial of the Director (n.1 – 2015)

We are pleased and proud to report that with 2015, the magazine has embarked on a new venture for consolidation within the Italian market and an opening-up towards the international scientific community. We have set ourselves the goal of inclusion in Pubmed and Impact Factor. We know that this is a major challenge, but we felt that after all the good intentions it was time to act. We started with clear small steps: we gave the magazine an international name, formed a new scientific board, presented all the scientific articles in English and Italian and modified the graphics.

We haven’t changed the layout of our scientific journal, which for over 20 years has been the most important point of reference for training and updates for all Italian ophthalmologists. Our authors, our readers and our companies have always shown respect and appreciation. The magazine will continue to be published quarterly, an editorial evaluation process for articles has been introduced based on peer reviews, bibliographical information and the list of references to articles in Latin characters and presented according to international publishing conventions, as well as space dedicated to news regarding companies in this field.

Thus we start 2015 with a look at a future “beyond the borders”, in the certain knowledge that we will be able to count on your approval and support.

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