IROO December 2018

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 4 – December 2018 In this issue: – F. MEIER-GIBBONS: What you always wanted to know about generic drugs – A review – M. NICOLÒ, V. COLOMBO, A. MORLACCHI, F. CAPPELLI, M. MUSOLINO, M. SACCHEGGIANI, D. MUSETTI, C. E. TRAVERSO: Real-life of exudative age-related macular degeneration management: results from a... read more
IROO September 2018

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 3 – September 2018 In this issue: – M. ROLANDO, S. BARABINO, R. MENCUCCI, P. VERSURA, A. LEONARDI, P. ARAGONA: Dry Eye Disease: an unstable tear film and the need of a complete treatment – L. SPADEA, A. MOLLICONE, A. LIBRANDO: Efficacy of a gel formulation based on trehalose/sodium hyaluronate/carbomer... read more
IROO June 2018

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 2 – June 2018 In this issue: – S. BARABINO, M. CECCHI: Dry eye management. The point of view of Italian ophthalmologists – D. CAPOBIANCO, L. FABOZZI: Efficacy and tolerability of preservative-free 0.1% timolol gel in patients with signs and symptoms of local intolerance to prostaglandin monotherapy – S.C. SACCÀ,... read more
IROO March 2018

  Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 1 – March 2018 In this issue: – A. BAGNIS, C.E. TRAVERSO: Angle closure glaucoma: one disease, many diseases – C.A. CUTOLO, R. SCOTTO, M. IESTER, C.E. TRAVERSO: Clinical evaluation of a novel device for anterior chamber angle photography – T. VERDINA, A. CARLINI, M. PINNA, N. PASSARELLI: Evaluation... read more
IROO December 2017

  Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 4 – December 2017In this issue: – P. FOGAGNOLO, L. TRANCHINA, A. DIPINTO, M. DIGIUNI, L. OTTOBELLI, L. ROSSETTI:: Evaluation of sub-basal nerve plexus in diabetes: A review – L. OTTOBELLI, P. FOGAGNOLO, B. SALA, M. DIGIUNI, L. TRANCHINA, L. ROSSETTI: Reproducibility and repeatability of Pentacam in keratoconus and... read more
IROO September 2017

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 3 – September 2017In this issue: – V. CACIOPPO, A. SCIALDONE, F. BORGARO, I. TINTO, G. RUGGI, G. VIRGILI: Workload and Cost Assessment of Medical Resources for wet AMD care in northern Italy – A. VAGGE, L. NEGRI, M. CAVANNA, C.E. TRAVERSO, M. IESTER: Ocular movements in patients with dyslexia... read more
IROO June 2017

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 2 – June 2017In this issue:– A. PASSANI, A. TINDARA SFRAMELI, C. POSARELLI, F. NASINI, R. DENARO, I. FRANCHINI: Minimally invasive surgery in the treatment of glaucoma: current status and future developments – L. MOTTA, A. SALICONE, G. ARIENZO, G. SEPE, C. DE MARTINO, A. NAPOLI, M. S. MOTTA: Relationship... read more
IROO March 2017

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 1 – March 2017In this issue: – A.L. GIACOMIN, E. VINCENTI: Local anaesthesia in oculoplastic surgery: A comparative study of two different techniques – G. ROBERTI, L. TANGA, M. MICHELESSI, L. CALANDRIELLO, F. BERARDO, M. FERRAZZA, F. ODDONE: Current evidences about the role of Cytidine 5’-Diphoshocholine (citicoline) in glaucoma –... read more
IROO December 2016

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 4 – December 2016In this issue:– R. GUAGLIANO, L. SPALLONE, S. LOMBARDO, P. TRABUCCO, C. BERTONE, G. DE BERNARDO, D. BARILLÀ, C. TINELLI, P. E. BIANCHI: Spray containing vitamins A and E in a liposomal solution: observational study on children – M. IESTER, A. VAGGE, A. MASALA, M. BONINO, M.... read more
IROO September 2016

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 3 – September 2016 In this issue: – M. COPPOLA: Pre-and post-operative antibiotic prophylaxis: what do the guidelinessay? Focus on antibiotic/corticosteroid combinations and medico-legal risk – A. L. GIACOMIN, E. CARLETTI, L. BENACCHIO: Visual acuity rehabilitation in paralytic lagophthalmus following lid surgery using autologus serum eye-drop. Paralytic lagophthalmus using serum... read more
IROO June 2016

Italian Review Of OphthalmologyIssue 2 – June 2016In this issue: – L. ASENA, İ. DOĞRU, D.D. ALTINÖRS: Neuropsychiatric findings in non-Sjögren’s syndrome dry eye patients – M. ROLANDO, F. BRUZZONE: An alternative to fluorescein for measuring intraocular pressure by means of the Goldmann tonometer – P. FOGAGNOLO, L. OTTOBELLI, M. DIGIUNI, L. ROSSETTI: Short –... read more
IROO march 2016

Italian Review Of Ophthalmology Issue 1 – March 2016 In this issue: – C. ALOVISI, F. M. GRIGNOLO, C. M. EANDI: Treatment for neovascular age related macular degeneration: the state of the art – F. MENCHINI, G. TONEATTO: Very minimal fluence photodynamic therapy for persitent central serous chorioretinopathy -M. PARRAVANO, A. CACCIAMANI, P. GIORNO, F.... read more